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Incentive and Congress

incentive and congressesThe incoming of the new economy on the market has improved the recourse to incentives techniques. The crash of old monopolies brought a great competition atmosphere, where the incentive switch is used to reinforce the selling performances or the launch of new products.
Incentive means to start up different actions aimed at leading to a goal.
Incentive enterprises have an outstanding place in the companies marketing-mix, as long they are meant to obtain an economical result for the company itself, by the principle of the gratification of the individual who is sped up to improve the performances by psychological and behavioural motivations. Therefore the incentive technique is a persuasive communication meant for the company different levels employee or collaborators and clients, and as a marketing strategic instrument is aimed at the individual valorisation.

Each incentive tour has different an peculiar characteristics, that answers to the company requirements and that will be well considered in the projecting phase of the trip.
Nothing will be left out and every phase of the event will be thought and realized in common agreement.
The company will have only one interlocutor , who , benefiting of the contribution of professionals specialized on the different fields is able to give a 360° advising , to choose with the client the right solution and to realize it in a real short time.
Everything starts from the screening of the tour locations or the convention made on the base of the creativity and the project communication, keeping in account the logistic requirements and the budget.
There will be an pre-event tour meant to verify personally the location receptivity.
Before the trip our agency assures an Hospitality Desk service , where , beyond coordinate the registrations , will give to the participants all the information that will be useful : passport ID , eventual visa , eventual vaccination , information on the destination , on the recommended wearing.
In the leaving airport , behind the normal formalities , there will be given to the guests personalized travel kit with the company’s logo. As well can’t be missing an Help desk during all the stay time , hostess , animation , night gala event , shows .
There is also an “after” incentive with a reporting to the commissioner on the event , and the analysis of the feed-back cards of the participants. It also can be made a DVD of the most meaning moments of the tour.



incentive and congresses incentive and congresses incentive and congresses incentive and congresses
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