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Incoming Naples

incoming naplesNaples is the main city in the south of Italy, the capital of its home region of Campania, and the third biggest town in Italy.
Staunchly Catholic, Naples is rich in historical, artistic and cultural traditions and with its own distinct cuisine. The pizza originated here and is eaten, like so many other delicious local foods, out on the street.
The city of Naples was probably founded by the Greeks around the eighth century BC, just kilometres from the older town of Partenope; this ‘new town’ or ‘Neapolis’ has been absorbing the influences of its settlers and invaders ever since. Romulus Augustulus, last emperor of the Roman Empire, was imprisoned here after being overthrown in 476. In the sixth century, Naples was conquered by the Byzantines, and it was one of the last duchies to fall to the all-conquering Normans in 1039, as they founded the Kingdom of Sicily. In 1266 Naples and the kingdom of Sicily were given by Pope Clement IV to Charles of Anjou, who moved the capital from Palermo to Naples. In 1284 the kingdom was split in two, and stayed that way till 1816, when they would form the kingdom of Two Sicilies. In between, Naples had been under the rule of Spain, Austria, and the Bourbons, and had (briefly) been a Jacobin republic. Finally, in October 1860, it became part of the new Italy.
With Vesuvius, Pompeii and Herculaneum inland, there are also very good ferry routes out to Sicily and the islands of Ischia and Capri, and further afield to ports such as Genoa.



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