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Sorrento and Amalfi Coast

amalfi coastAmalfi coast
The 40 Km long Amalfitana main road, inaugurated in 1853 by Ferdinand II of Bourbon, is the only one that runs along the coast. The inhospitable cliffs and craggy rocks have allowed the Amalfi Coast to maintain most of the impressive yet charming beauty that began to attract hoards of visitors from throughout the world at the beginning of the nineteenth century for its mild climate, suggestive sense of isolation, fascinating landscape and ancient memories.
After Positano there are three little islands, called Li Galli, and as the legend the beginning there were the Mermaids, who tried to cast a spell over the insensitive Ulysses with their song, only to be turned to stone for their humiliating disappointment, the three crags of the Sirenusae.
Ravello is the most precious gem of the amalfitana peninsula. Some famous artists who have visited Ravello are, Boccaccio, and Wagner, as well as many others.
Ravello was founded by the Roman aristocracy, and soon it became a very wealthy and powerful town between the X, and the XIII century. Ravello, like Amalfi, owed its prosperity to extensive commerce throughout the Mediterranean, and to its strong textile industry (wool and cotton). The fall of Ravello's wealth and influence came with Ruggero II, and the Normanni domination. This was furthered even more with the Pisani invasion in 1337, which deprived the entire Amalfi Coast of its independence, and political power.


Sorrento had always been a proud and aristocratic town, often in conflict with the nearby villages. It participated in the Masaniello revolution too, and it had been besieged 14 months long. In 1799 it became part of the Neapolitan Republic and so it became again theatre of fights between Republicans and Bourbonists. Anyway, since the 18th century on, it got the characteristics of a refined holiday resort.



sorrento and amalfi coast sorrento and amalfi coast sorrento and amalfi coast sorrento and amalfi coast
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