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Tour Bay of Naples

The Bay of Naples is an inlet of the sea southern Tyrrhenian, it's inclusive among the peninsula northwestern flegrea (capo Miseno) and the peninsula southeast sorrentina (punta Campanella). Considering the islands of the bay as an ideal prolongation of the two peninsulas,the extreme borders of the gulf can be wide up to Punta Imperatore, on the island of Ischia and punta Carena on the island of Capri. Entirely inclusive inside the gulf in Naples is the gulf of Pozzuoli, among Capo Miseno and Capo Posillipo.
The sea streets of access to the gulf are four:

The channel of Procida, between the island of Procida and the dry land (Mountain of Procida);
The channel of Ischia, between Ischia and Vivara;
The Bocca Grande, the main entry between Ischia and Capri;
The Bocca Piccola, between Capri and Sorrento.
The shores of the gulf in Naples have been inhabited since the prehistoric age;in Greek epoch and Roman important harbors and city bloomed, here among which. Miseno, Cuma, Baia, Puteoli (Pozzuoli), Ercolano, Pompei, Oplonti, Stabia.

Today the gulf is characterized by a strong density housing and consequent pressure antropica in its central part (essentially for the metropolitan area of the city of Naples), while in it's layers estremalis are found famous tourist places of world fame (Ischia, Capri, Sorrento, ecc...).

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